Gillian was recently hosting for Olay, American Express, HSBC and CAAS. Not only did her guests and she have a whole lot of fun, she learnt a lot about skincare, history, food, women's golf and the airport.

By the way, the new Terminal 3 in Singapore's Changi Airport is gorgeous. She's always loved airports for the limbo of being on the verge of change. The anticipation of a new adventure, the surreal sense of how small the huge world is, and the possibility of no impossibilities.

Anyhow, back to hosting. She managed to throw in some of her original jokes while at work and believe it or not, her guests loved them! She cracked them up all the way. Good thing there were no eggs in the audience. Someone once told her that she has a sincerity about the way she works as an Emcee (Master of Ceremony) and host. But honestly... why be insincere anyway?

3/14/2008 19:51:49

Gill, the font size are very small. Maybe you can enlarge the words abit more.

4/3/2008 07:06:09

Thank you dear,

I've finally increased the font size. Better? :-)


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