While in LA, Gillian was very honored to be part of a short film called "The Black Rabbit" which was written and directed by Eric Dapkewicz and produced by Ray Richards. You can watch the trailer to see Gillian as Mei-li Wu.

The DVDs for the film are constantly sold out. The rave reviews are wonderful. It will make its big screen premiere at the
International Film Festival England in June 2008.

So if you are in the vincinity between June 10th to 13th and wondering what to do, why not watch independent films? Try "The Black Rabbit" if you dare.

Better yet, spy on the next batch of DVDs to go on
sale and you'd better be fast at grabbing your copy!


Gillian appears as Terri Chan on Channel News Asia's new break-through informative drama series, "Bertha's Nest" every Saturday at 9:30pm starting January 26th 2008.

Channel News Asia, based in Singapore, is broadcast to Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and other regional countries.

Each episode is telecast 5 times between 9:30pm on Saturday and 6:30pm on Sunday, Singapore time.


Since returning home to Singapore, Gillian has been busy filming for Mediacorp, the local TV network.

She has finally understood how sailors feel after filming "Incredible Tales" on a yacht for a few days, including an overnighter with Chan, the veteran TV director. She plays the lead role of Melissa opposite Vincent Lee, who plays her husband. Get ready to be spooked with her in the 5th episode of this episodic series, entitled "Buried Treasure".

She has also been busy with Channel News Asia's brand new drama series, where she plays the series regular supporting role of Terri.