As a Peranakan, Jilly is proud to be part of "Subculture", a play that attempts to explore the friction, fiction and non-fiction between the Peranakans and the Punks.

She plays Iris, a modern and stifled Nonya who falls for a sweet-natured punk. She is sincerely very glad to be working alongside many good friends including Dew (her friend, writer and director), Nanda (her sweetheart from many plays ago), Gaoju (her beloved robot from a previous tale), Candice (her friend since Action Theatre's Festival), Max (her crazy son from a recent lifetime) and Shaiful (her headmaster who insists she sings).

And she won't take them for granted, ever! Even if Iris is taking her Peranakan heritage for granted.

Shows on September 26th Friday at 8pm, September 27th Saturday at 3pm and at 8pm. Tickets are available at $15 from the Substation box office for their 18th anniversary SeptFest celebration.

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