Gillian finally wrote her first theatre piece. Not for a corporate event, not for kids, not for any monetary benefit. Now why did she write it? She doesn't know. She just had to tell the story of... Zelda and Susan. Yes but not quite.

Growth, changes, choices and sacrifices. It's only 30 minutes and will be staged at the Substation (Armenian St) at 8pm on Saturday July 5th (just a couple days away!). She is honoured that the Substation has selected it to be part of their Test Tube event, a free works-in-progress showing, so it'll probably be a read rather than a performance.

After much thought, she's decided to title this short piece "Tuesday Afternoon". This is the write-up she sent to Substation:

"A long overdue visit from a friend brings back happy memories from the past. Yet it also reveals the inevitable and impending future she has to face. The gravities of time and life refuse to be ignored, in what would have otherwise been a regular afternoon."

(Aiyah, does it sound tacky?)

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