Friday, June 18th 2010

Come tonight to Earth Bar June where you can...

- taste the healthiest yet yummiest yet affordable vegetarian food,
- meet the nicest people,
- have a tarot card reading session by Serming ($20 for 3 questions),
- enjoy a few beers, desserts and special concoctions,
- listen to Thomas Wu play amazing guitar as Jilly squints through her lyrics.

Event: Earth bar June
Venue: Food #03 (map)
Add: 109 Rowell Rd, S 208033, along Jln Besar
Time: 8 to 11:30pm

It's a charity event so everyone's a volunteer, so you can come in free, but when you pay for the food, drinks and tarot session, that money will be donated to Post-Museum fund. Do call to reserve a table to avoid disappointment on this night.

Call: 6396 7980 now!
2/26/2012 02:33:08 pm

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