After clarifying and understanding how the concert isn't contradicting the cause, Jilly emcee'd and sang at Earth Hour on March 28th 2009. It was such a wonderful experience and it was such a privilege to share the stage with so many wonderful performers that evening.

She was also very happy to share two of her original songs for the event.

The musicians for "If I Were Human" were not able to make the event so Jilly referred to them affectionately as her invisible band on stage. Big thanks to Eric, Benson and Erik for the minus one track! Don't forget to check out their website here.

The guitarist for "Shelter" was the affable Thomas Wu who has his own band, Leeson. Visit their website here.

This is the third time "If I Were Human" was performed, following its humble Substation premiere and its integration with Wisdom of Monkeys for their play "Ex-ceptance". It's about human life from an alien's point of view. Here are the lyrics.

"Shelter" was an idea loitering about in her head before Jilly really got down to writing a special song for Earth Hour. When she was asked if she'd like to sing and emcee all for a good cause, she knew that was the song she was going to write specially for the event. Would you, along with the audience that night, like to guess what the song is about? Here are the lyrics.

Thanks to all who came by to Earth Hour on March 28th, and even more thanks to all who turned their lights off at 8:30pm for an hour. And thanks to my lovely musicians, and all the performers that day, for their generous participation. To the organisers who made it happen from the 2.2 million Sydney residents who started it in 2007 to the kind folks at WWF and Ultrex.

And... Thank you EARTH!

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