The Substation is a wonderful venue for local arts located on Armenian Street. Founded in 1990 by the late Kuo Pao Kun, the Substation is Singapore's first independent contemporary arts centre.

When they tried to close Armenian Street in 2006 to celebrate their annual SeptFest after getting approval from all their neighbours, they were denied.

When a huge commercial event (with money, corporations, an international act) decided to close the street, everyone was merely informed it was going to happen.
"The Substation is planning a signature multi-disciplinary event at its premises.

‘Fight for Your Right (to) Party’ is a re-affirming of The Substation’s role as a space that promotes, supports and nurtures cultural and artistic diversity – where people from many different backgrounds can converge as a community and have a sense of ownership of a public space.

Activities include a banner painting party, video and photo installations, soundscape performances, poetry readings, acoustic gigs, performance readings, expressionist painting and more! All these activities will be held on the premises of The Substation, from 2pm - 9pm on July 27th."

Gillian is once again teaming up with Hemang (Nanda) and Gaoju on a poetry play presentation, "Colouring Book", at 4pm. She will mess about with her new original song 'If I Were Human'. Does it sound kinda out there? Come find out!


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