Wakey wakey! Keith DeSouza hosts the morning show on News Radio 93.8 FM from 6am to 10am everyday. And he is very sweet and gracious to invite Gillian on the show to talk about her first original play, "Tuesday Afternoon".

You can hear the interview at 7am on Friday July 4th.  Who knows what it's about since it'll be live? :-) Gillian is flattered though she'd hardly consider her play news worthy at this point.

Just in case she isn't coherent in the morning, she wants to now thank a few friends like dear Nanda (Hemang Yadav) and Lee Gao Ju, and the good folks at Substation - Audrey, Terence and Chun. The script would still be a mere idea if not for them!

These are known as master numbers and are considered to have higher vibrations as than the numbers they would create if digitally summed.


Replica shoes or boots are frequently stated in China (Italy and also France alternatively) and they are 1:1 replicas, precisely your same because original ones.


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