Jilly loves loves LOVES Christmas! Well, much more when she was a child, but it still is a magical season for her.

She feels that nothing seems to accentuate or even create that mood as much as music. So she consider herself blessed to be able to sing at the swanky new 112 Katong along East Coast Road.

Sebastian Ho will join her with his festively awesome guitar skills. There is no charge for the gig at the mall, with lots of cheer to share.

Catch them at these show time slots on both December 25th and 26th:
2 to 2:30pm
6 to 6:30pm

Everyone is invited. So we hope to see you there, and happy holidays to all! :)

More prompt & live updates at facebook.com/t.jill
7/13/2012 07:47:43 am

Thanks for details

9/23/2012 08:21:43 pm

nice post


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