Jilly's August 26th this year was a brilliant one because of the National Day Parade 2009 Appreciation Function, where Jilly and the affable Jonny were the masters of ceremonies (each also known as emcee) from Talent House Studios. She was very fortunate to work with the talented Jonny who was the emcee for the NDP roadshows, which meant he was well informed and confident on stage.

Everyone involved worked really hard to make the evening a great success, but it's clear to see that it is the heart and soul of the AFC Ceremony Committee. It's great how they still motivated everyone in enjoying the entire process while doing their jobs well.

Special mentions go out to the meticulous 1st Warrant Officer Sabapathy R. (simply known as Saba) and the ever smiling Staff Sergeant Adrian Yap (affectionately known as Yappy).

Jilly sends her big thanks to everyone working behind the scenes, especially Saba, Yappy, Jonny, and Faizal (who skillfully played the Guzheng with her singing "Fly Me To The Moon" at the end, just for kicks) and the many contributors and guests who made the Parade and event astounding. That includes Sara from Talent House Studios, without whom the emcees would not have participated in this part of the nation's celebrations.

8/30/2009 08:11:44 pm

Hi Jill,

Yap Yap, nice working with you and Jonny for AFC 2009

Enjoyed the bubbly conversations, especially during the long wait at the backstage during the awards presentation.

Looking forward for AFC 2010, hope we have a chance to work together again.

Meanwhile, a traditional navy well wishes,

"Wishing you smooth sailing and fair winds for the rest of the 2009"

9/12/2010 02:59:27 am

Yes and we worked together again in 2010! Let's share more crazy stories and jokes backstage when during AFC 2011. :-)


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