Jilly had a splash while performing as the bright Starfish in the 61 sold-out shows of the musical, "Rainbow Fish". To her, the stage is definitely more important than backstage. And every single member of the audience matters dearly to her. So she was very pleasantly surprised and blushingly grateful to find these candid reviews online :

"He was concentrating on what is happening on-stage and smiled
occassionally when he spotted the starfish. It seemed to be his
favourite as he kept asking me where the starfish went as it goes
offstage." - House of Ang

"Halfway thru the show she turned to me and said her fav was the starfish"
- Sophie, Ailing & James

"She was fascinated by the colourful sea creatures especially the starfish"
- Clarice, Mommy & Daddy

Such sweet and kind words. It's merely her job which she loves. :-) All blog quotes and links are published here with kind permission from the blog oweners. Thank You all once again!

5/30/2012 07:49:08 am

THX for info


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