As a citizen of the large world we live in, Gillian was proud and honoured to be part of Three Men Productions' "Use", an empathetic and thought-provoking drama piece written by dear friends Hemang Yadav and Lee Gaoju. She burst into tears after the first rehearsal from the weight of the truths and emotions so many of us conveniently deny. "Use" was staged at the Post Museum on Saturday, May 3rd, for Migrant Voices' "Integrate" weekend event. Please visit to find out more about, and to support this unique arts society.

After gladly being used, she sang a little jazz and funk at a little cafe called
Milk & Honey, on Binjai Park (in the vincinity of Bukit Timah) on Saturday. Gillian definitely couldn't have done it without James on keyboard, Eugene on guitar and Andrew on drums. The talented band plays with her other dear friend Jo who is the resident singer there. And she also wants to say thank you to Andrew for kindly drumming to her jokes.

Of course, she's grateful to Jo, Victor and Vicky for the gig and for dinner and continuous hydration. Last but not least, Gillian wants to say a big thank you to all the patrons and her friends who really livened up the place. She hopes to see you all again on June 7th, when she sings again!

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