Firstly, Jilly wants to apologise for not updating this site for quite a while. It has been a busy but wonderful November and she wants to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes!

Besides spending quality time with family and friends, Jilly has been busy hosting for quality clients as well! They include Pfingo and Olay with Ultrex.

She has also been singing at events, as well as lovely weddings with Wedding Harmony. She has learnt a few new Mandarin songs and is grateful to be able to celebrate romance with the happy couples as well as her band members.

She has also been jamming with Benson, Eric and Erik who have been more than sweet to work with her on her originals. Awww! There will definitely be more news to come soon...

Jilly was also on TV for "Moonface", "Sayang Sayang" and "My Sassy Neighbour" (a re-run).

So if you happen to see Jilly anywhere around town, please stop by and say hi! :-)

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