Happy New Year to everyone!

So how did you spend the last night of 2008 before ushering in the new year? Well, Jilly had a swell time ringing in the new year with the revellers at the Verandah's Hats & Caps Countdown Party at the British Club, Singapore.

As the mistress of ceremony (emcee), Jilly welcomed everyone with some warm-ups and led the children through some exciting games. However, she did not forget the adults who were such good sports as well. The best hat segments brought on a lot of cheers and laughter, especially with the adults showing off their fancy catwalks.

All the staff, including the DJ and chefs, were in delightfully good spirits as they served and danced all night. The countdown on the dance floor was unforgettably and unmistakably fabulous! Ultimately, it was a lovely delicious fun-filled night by the pool for the entire family and Jilly is grateful to have shared that experience.

Once again, Happy 2009!