I am so sincerely proud to say this!

Having had a magical run so far, everyone in "All the Crazy People" from the director to the musicians, from our stage manager to our stage hands, from our cast to our venue sponsors, (phew, deep breath now...) feel we should do another show in addition to our schedule of 9 shows, so.... We have an extra 4pm show! Please come! Flyer below. :-)

Tickets selling fast, so reserve now with Hemang at (65) 8179 6221.

Come for the 4pm show on Saturday May 22nd at Post Museum (107 Rowell Rd, map) and we can have a pizza or beer with you next door at Food #03. These are the kindest places with the loveliest folks, with the tastiest healthiest vegetarian food. You will have Noh regrets. :-)

By the way, our 8pm show on Friday 21st May is at an exciting new venue: Eurasian Association's Community House (Ceylon Rd, map). Lots of seats still available in the multi-purpose hall on level 2.

Check us out on facebook: facebook.com/event.php?eid=112347298796271

"Stand Up and Sing" is on again but this time, with the amazingly talented Sebastian Ho on guitar (he plays jazz with me every Wed at Quarubar) so it's going to be very different. Acoustic and heartfelt.

I am very proud of it too. I'll just say it will be an awesome 1 hour show!! Just come! RSVP on facebook if you like. It's 23rd May Sunday 7:30pm at Earshot cafe in the Arts House (near City Hall MRT, map).

Many thanks to all of you and our kind sponsors. See you this weekend :-)

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