The Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) is on again and Lucky 7, an experimental local feature is a film not to be missed. Made up of 7 segments by 7 different local film directors, Gillian plays May, the sister, in the 5th segment by Chew Tze Chuan. This feature, rated R21 without cuts for the SIFF screenings (expect censorships in general local theatrical release), is the brainchild of Sun Koh. You can find out more about Sun here.

It was already a hit at the Rotterdam Film Festival where it had its world premiere. Singapore definitely had a voice in the festival. Gillian forgets how Eric Khoo is involved but he was on set, and more recently he had her see it in his Zhaowei office one evening.

So visit to find out more about Lucky 7 (Qi ying pian) by Sun Koh, K. Rajagopal, Boo Junfeng, Brian Gothong Tan, Chew Tze Chuan, Ho Tzu Nyen, and Tania Sng.

7/16/2012 17:54:14

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