The show on the 5th at the Substation went ok and the question and answer session was very lively. Gillian's very glad that there are people who would choose theatre's works-in-progress over a cinema, karaoke and a fancy dinner. She's completely grateful there were many familiar faces present. She should've added this on the 6th but was still recovering from sleepless nights and have been busy rehearsing for other shows... So she has lazily plagiarised her facebook note.

"These people are amazing and beautiful so I consider myself very blessed. Unless I ever get amnesia or the like, I'll never forget any kindness and goodness I've been so fortunate to experience.

"Nothing can match the treasure of common memories" - Antoine De Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)

Last night was disorganised & a blur for me cos I hadn't really slept in two days. & because I lost my glasses. I apologise... Yet I recall the sweet kind souls who gave us your precious time although my piece "Tuesday Afternoon" really wasn't a big deal at all. Please forgive me if I left anyone out. Send me a message & I'll do a headstand for you. Or just buy you a drink if you prefer. Thank you all sincerely for spending your Saturday evening with me:

Andrea - thanks for all the love, patience, understanding & support
Ru - you were awesome; you saved me!
Adi - for the important notes I've yet to hear
Allen - for your kind words & sorry about your knees
Andrew - for wanting to even read the initial script
Audrey - without whom this wouldn't even be possible
Chun - for the lights, camera & more
Donovan - for thinking so highly of me (huh?) & bringing others
Eleanor & Julius - for hearing the rants & all our history together
Emilie - for your ernest presence from months before
Gret & Madeline - glad to see you after so long
Ivan - glad I can ignite a love for theatre in you
James - for sitting so close & bringing a friend
Jerry - for your support always & rushing down from Ikea
Jing - for your keen observations
Lawrence - great to see you again after so long & bringing a friend
Mahadi - for leaving Sentosa in time :-)
Peer - love watching, & now hearing from my peer
Terence - for arranging so much including the tables & chairs
Vincent - for the drink I didn't claim last night, screen husband

And those who weren't there but were actively involved:

Gaoju - for your valuable time & input
Hemang - for the help, input & insights from my first draft to submission to rehearsal to the camera
Keith & Bharati - for the radio interview, believing & helping to promote the arts
Mark & Shawn - my caring brothers who encourage (they won't admit it) my crazy ideas
My mom & dad - cos I'm alive, loved & inspired. I miss you papa.

Thank you all once again. Oh who am I kidding? I could never thank any of you enough!"

7/16/2012 09:44:22 am

THX for info


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