Finally, Jilly has a quiet month. Of course she prefers to have more work, but it isn't all bad. Now she can work on updating her videos. In fact she just edited and uploaded one! A live performance of "L-O-V-E. Check it out at her music page or on her youtube channel.

She has been tardy in keeping track of her TV work so may not be uploading some of her more recent appearances. If anyone has a copy of "Perfect Cut" (channel U, season 2, episode 9), "My Sassy Neighbour" (channel 5, season 3, episode 6), any episode of "Bertha's Nest" and "Da Chellam!", you're welcome to help her out. She knows she needs it. :-)

Another noteworthy update is on her IMDb page. She has 4 new credits.

- as Susan Ho in "Cashless" (Singapore, trailer)
- as Bee Geok in "Sayang Sayang" (Singapore, channel 5 series)
- as Mei-li Wu in "The Black Rabbit" (USA, trailer, clip 4)
- and her first screenwriting credit for "The Black Rabbit" (USA)

Thanks so much to "The Black Rabbit" writer/director/actor (and more) Eric Dapkewicz and Mako Pictures for giving Jilly that screenwriting credit! Sometimes she wonders why... He really was the brains behind everything. Buy the DVD here.

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